MyFirstPremierCard Guide to Activate & MyPremierCreditCard Login

MyFirstPremierCard Guide to Activate & MyPremierCreditCard Login

MyPremierCreditCard: Credit cards are really useful for making transactions and purchases. It is very secure to use a Credit Card in place of cash. If you are thinking about getting a new credit card, then MyPremierCreditCard is a very great option that you may want to consider. The First Premier Bank is known to have been one of the largest providers of Credit Cards in the country of US.


The PREMIER Bankcard provides the credit card to an individual. Credit Card is the easiest way to use especially when we need an apartment (home) or even a cell phone. The bank is the 13th largest issuer of Master Card Credit card in the country. The Credit Card Loans of Premier Bankcard is self-funded by its cash reserves.

In order to check into the MyPremierCreditCard visit the website or After reading all the eligibility and features of Premier Bank Credit Card, log in the website of and complete the few easy steps.

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MyPremierCreditCard application:

When will you have to ready to apply for First Premier Bank credit card, must have a well-connected Internet service on your device. You can apply today and receive your application response in 60 seconds. If the bank approved your credit card, the credit limit will be assigned based on your creditworthiness. After approval, you need to pay $95.00 program fee to open your account and access your credit limit. You can use Premier Bank Credit Card everywhere. Open the website i.e. and follow the instructions:

MyPremierCreditCard Online Bill payment

After you have signed up for an online access account, you will be able to manage your MyPremierCreditCard account. You can also make payments using the account.

  • Log in using your  Credentials.
  • Now, inside your account, you will see the various options.
  • Click on the “Make a Payment” option.
  • You can choose to pay the entire amount of your credit card or the minimum amount.
  • Any other amount than the previous ones is also an option.

How to Apply MyPremierCreditCard

  • Open,
  • Click on “Credit Card” then will open.
  • Click on “Apply Today” to Apply Now!
  • Now, provide your details like – Name, Address, Phone Number etc.
  • When you complete the process of application for First Premier Credit Card, you will get a response with few minutes.

MyPremierCreditCard Steps

  • Go to the official MyPremierCreditCard Page from here – OFFICIAL WEBSITE
  • Once on the official page, click on Enroll for signing up.
  • Make sure that you have an account with the bank and you should have your account number handy.
  • In the Enroll page, you will see the field to enter your Account Number and Social Security Number.
  • After entering those, click on Continue.
  • Complete the second steps and it will have your account ready.
  • After the completion of the steps, you will be able to view your credit card history in your account.

MyfirstPremierCard Payment Methods

Pay with Money Gram: Call 1-800-926-94-00 for Money Gram locations. Visit a Money Gram location with your credit card number and the following receive code to make a payment: 6267.

Pay with Western Union payments: Visit a Western Union payment location with your credit card number and the following “code city”: PREMIER SD.

Pay with cash payments with bank wire: If you need to make a same day payment or just want to pay with cash, you can visit over 100,000 locations (including Wal-Mart, Ace Cash Express, and Pay-O-Mastic). If you’re not sure where the nearest location is to make a cash payment, visit or call 1-888-818-7127

And ask

To make a bank wire cash payment, you need First Premier Bank’s ABA Number, 091408598.

Pay with Remote payment services: If your bank offers bill pay services, you can make a remote payment. Add First Premier Bank as a new biller or payee. The address is:

PO Box 5529

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529

MyPremierCreditCard benefits:

Save time by managing your credit card on the go: In our fast-paced culture, every minute of the day counts. If you frequently check your credit card account online, downloading the My PREMIER Credit Card app will allow you to:

  • Monitor recent activity and transactions
  • Look up payment options
  • View e-statements and e-letters
  • Schedule payments
  • Request credit limit increases

All of this is available 24/7 on the app, so you can manage your credit card on your time. If you have an existing username and password, it will be the same for the app. If you do not already have an account set up, you can create one with the app after you download it.

Be the first to discover app updates: In the future, we plan on rolling out updates that will allow you to access your credit card information even faster. Be on the lookout for touch ID. Instead of entering your username and password every time you want to look at your account, you’ll simply scan your fingerprint for access.

Get peace of mind with our app security: Financial institutions like First PREMIER Bank work hard to protect sensitive customer data, and our apps are no exception. Google and Apple also review all apps before they’re approved, rejecting any with potential security risks before they even reach consumers.


This is the guide for myfirstpremiercard  and activation guide, you can even pay the bills through these links and details given below.. stay tuned for more updates on mypremiercreditcard !!!