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MyGreatLakes Login Student Loans Approval | MyGreatLakes.Org


Great lakes higher education corporation is usually known as great lakes is one of the most reliable student loan providers for students. MyGreatlakes is the most popular and largest loan services in the US. If you are planning for the higher education but no money than you can apply for your student loan at great lakes. It offers various standard payment plans where you pay a set dollar amount each month as well as income-based repayment according to your income.

Great Lakes Student Loans

Because of great lakes partnership with large no of lenders, both public and private, it provides low-cost education loans to college-going students. Great lakes primary function is to giving you access to your student loan account.

About MyGreatLakes

  • Great lakes are the famous loan company of the USA, which is founded in 1967.
  • Great people loan is a federal student loan which is working under the government.
  • It collaborates with more than 1100 lenders and 6000 schools.
  • Great people loans have a variety of repayment plans which include Income-based plans, deferment forbearance options and more typical fixed or variable interest rate plans ranging from 10 to 30 years.
  • The amount of interest rate you will have to pay depends on the factor whether your loan is subsidized or unsubsidized.

The Great Lakes Student Loans Interest Rate

The interest rate on the federal student loan is given by the Federal Government and are serviced by private companies like Great Lakes. Congress decides the interest rate on Federal student loans every year based on the financial market. The interest rates vary depending on the type of loans.

The rates are not based on the credit score or the ability of the borrower to repay them. All the federal student loans have got a fixed interest rate on them and they do not change throughout the tenure of the loan.

Loan Type Borrower Type Interest Rate
Direct subsidized/unsubsidized Undergraduate 4.45%
Direct unsubsidized Graduate 6.00%
Direct PLUS Graduate, Parents 7.00%
Perkins Loans Undergraduate, graduate 5.00%

MyGreatLakes Login Procedure

In order to login into the Great lakes account, you have to follow the below steps:


  • Always keep a set of original and copy of your educational document.
  • Read terms and conditions very carefully, if your document and process are not according to great lakes terms and conditions then you are not able to take great lakes loans.
  • You must be a citizen of the USA.
  • Take your loans according to your budgets. If you have any other loans first clear the loans and then apply for the great lakes loans.

Login Guide

To login into the My great lakes, you have to complete the registration process then you have to login into your Follow the below steps to login into the great lakes account:

  • Initially, you have to open your web browser and open the official website of great loans
  • You will see the login button at the top of the great lakes website and then click on it.
  • This will redirect you to another page which is the login page of great lakes.
  • This login page consists of two fields, User ID and password.
  • Now fill the User ID of great lakes on the first field and then password on another field.
  • And then click on the login button.
  • This completes the login process of My great lakes and now you can access your account on Mygreatlakes loans account.

MyGreatLakes Registration Guide

Initially complete the registration process of Mygreatlakes to login into the account. If you want to register you need to follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you should have a device with running internet connection.
  • Then open the web browser and open the official website of great lakes loans
  • After you entered the website you will see the sign-up button. Click on the sign-up button.
  • This will redirect you to sign up page of mygreatlakes. You should provide some information to complete the sign-up process.
  • The information such as name, date of birth, address, email id, password and many more.
  • After entering all the information correctly you need to click on the continue button.
  • This completes the registration process of mygreatlakes.

Mygreatlakes Password Reset

If you get trouble while logging into my great lakes, you can follow the below instructions to recover or rets your student loans login credentials:

  • Initially, you have to login into the great lakes student loans login portal.
  • Under the login button, you will find “trouble accessing your account?” button click on that, this will redirect you to the password recovery management.
  • Under the personal information section, provide the last four digits of your social security number(SSN).
  • In the next field, enter the email address associated with your account. Then enter your date of birth.
  • Then press on the “continue” button in order to create a new great lake student loan password.

Benefits of Great Lakes Student Loans

After logging into the great lake, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The great lake student loan is best then another loan because in other loans lots of conditions are applied and with higher interest and on the other side on students loans very low interest.
  • It offers student loans especially for the people who have no money for their higher education and they can easily manage their expenses like books, tuition fees, school fees, living and much more.

MygreatLakes Contact Info

  • Phone number: 800-236-4300, staffed weekdays from 7 a.m to 9 p.m central time.
  • Email to
  • You can also contact from its website, Facebook. and twitter.


From the great lakes student loan official website and from the mygreatlakes loans app, you can pay your loan repayment online. You need to login into the account and the repay from your account. This is very easy and you can set auto-pay by adding the card or bank details and then mygreatlakes make auto payment.