Mybkexperience Customer Survey @ Www.Mybkexperience.Com

Mybkexperience Customer Survey @ Www.Mybkexperience.Com


Burger King is one of the best and biggest fast-food restaurant chains in the world. It is also the 2nd largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world. Now, some of you may be regular customers of the restaurant. If you have a receipt or a recent trip to Burger King, then you can take a survey on

Mybkexpereince Survey

Burger King Customer satisfaction survey which is known as the mybkexperience is a great opportunity for you too to express your opinions and enable the company to enhance its services further. Participating in the survey takes only a few minutes and a recent valid Burger King receipt. As a token of appreciation for your time and feedback, the company is offering a validation code with which you can get an offer on your next visit.

The survey covers different elements of customers experience at Burger King – Mybkexperience, including customers overall rating of the quality of food, speed of service, comfort and cleanliness of the restaurant and any complaints that you may have. The company is to do this because they enable it to better comprehend the requirements and concerns of the customer and helps to shape their policies.

Here we have given the information for you, related to the questions asked in the survey.

  • The food taste.
  • Customer’s overall satisfaction.
  • Cleanliness and site of the eating place.
  • How usually you visit the store.
  • Time is taken to present your order.
  • The overall satisfaction with your experience at the restaurant.
  • Food Prices.
  • Friendliness of the staff.
  • The response of the staff.
  • Availability of the food.
  • Timings of the restaurant.

Mybkexperience Requirements

  • To enter the Burger King survey you must have a valid receipt from your recent meal at a Burger King location
  • You’ll need to save your receipt to enter the code on the receipt into the online survey
  • You’ll need a computer and internet access to access the survey
  • You’ll also need to speak either English or French, as those are the two languages the survey is offered in
  • To redeem your freebie coupon, you’ll need to also purchase any S/M/L size drink and a required side at the regular price
  • Cash value 1/100 of a cent
  • Limit 1 survey per guest per month
  • Must take the survey within 48 hours of a visit to be eligible
  • Not valid with any other offer
  • Not available to employees or their families

Step by step guide for Mybkexperience.Com

  • You can visit the official survey page of Burger King at the official website
  • The above links direct you to the survey page.
  • On the survey page, you have to select the language that you know. You have three option Dutch, Spanish, and English. Select any one of the languages.
  • Then on the welcome page, you have to enter the date, time, and restaurant number on your receipt. Then enter the survey code and click on the Start option to begin the survey.
  • Here, access your satisfaction with the restaurant.
  • Indicate the order type by choosing the options.
  • If you are satisfied with the service of the management then specify them.
  • Burger King is interested in your level of satisfaction with their burgers. So you have to give your honest opinion.
  • On the next page, you have to answer some specific questions asked by Burger King. You have to indicate your satisfaction level with the quality of the product that you ordered and indicate the likelihood that you’ll buy it again.
  • Next, answer the question if the survey is helpful or not.
  • Give your rating.
  • Get your validation code and use it accordingly.

How to take MyBKExperience Customer Experience Survey?

Visit survey website.

For accessing the Burger King Survey website, you must visit from your laptop or smartphone. The default language of the website MyBKExperience is English. Other languages such as French and Spanish are also available on the site.

Now enter the restaurant no. located on your receipt of Burger King.

On My BK Experience website, there are instructions for entering the restaurant number. This number is simply given to the exact Each restaurant has a number of different shops. Just enter it and click on “Next”

Provide your genuine feedback on belah of Mybkexperience

Here you are required to provide genuine review and feedback about your last visit to the respective store. Based on this survey you will be eligible for free voucher coupon.

Questions asked in Burger King Survey

  1. The taste of your food.
  2. Your overall satisfaction.
  3. Cleanliness of the store
  4. How usually you visit the restaurant.
  5. How much time is taken to deliver your order
  6. The overall satisfaction with your experience at the restaurant.
  7. About food prices.
  8. The behavior of the staff.

Customer Service Number

The real benefit of having a survey website is that the company receives customer reviews from all the people who visit the store. Still, if users want to contact MyBKExperience, please use the below-given details.

  • Toll-Free Number: 1866-394-2493
  • Mailing Address: Burger King, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA.
  • Official site:

Mybkexperience Rewards

Mybkexperience survey participants receive a Burger King coupon after answering all the questions. The Burger King coupon comes as a code, which will be displayed on your screen after you complete the survey.

To redeem your Burger King coupon, you will have to write down the code on the receipt you used to access the Mybkexperience survey. To receive the offer that comes with your Burger King coupon, bring the receipt with you the next time you go to Burger King.


The offer of the Burger King coupon may change. It will be printed on your receipt. In most cases, you can redeem the Burger King coupon for a free Whopper at any of the participating Burger King locations. The Burger King survey free Whopper cannot be cumulated with other offers. You cannot exchange the Burger King survey free Whopper for a different menu item.

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